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Investor Roundtable: Meet LP Grady Buchanan, Co-Founder of NVNG Investment Advisors

Investor Roundtable: Meet LP Grady Buchanan, Co-Founder of NVNG Investment Advisors

For CVCs, investors, strategy and corporate development executives

Date: February 9, 2021 Time: 12:00 - 1:30 Zoom
Topics to be covered along with questions provided during registration:
  • Firm overview
  • Market perspective (focus on trends related to new firm formation)
  • The importance of true differentiation in today’s market
  • Top mistakes made by new firms
  • What to expect when you’re fundraising and best practices
  • Challenges you are likely to face when raising capital for a new fund


Grady Buchanan
Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer / Managing Director
Grady Buchanan is an institutional and risk-based asset allocation professional, most recently having worked with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s (WARF) $3B investment portfolio.As an Investment Analyst at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation his focuses included private equity and venture capital initiatives including the vetting of venture capital firms to be considered for inclusion within the overall portfolio, in addition to helping the team in setting and implementing investment strategy and policy recommendations.

Seeing a need for an online social community to foster entrepreneurial ecosystem growth, Grady co-founded OmniValley. OmniValley is a closed network of institutional investors, venture capital firms, accelerators, and ecosystem supporters, to connect under-ventured entrepreneurial ecosystems to sophisticated, strategic, and interested investors, sponsors, and mentors.

Grady’s experience serving as a connector within the ecosystem of the private investment world provides him with superior knowledge of exceptional performing venture capital fund managers and their fundraising timelines.

Prior to his work with WARF, Grady worked as an Investment and Treasury Analyst in positions with Northern Trust Corporation and Wells Fargo Community.

NVNG Investment Advisors is an investment platform and network made up of a family of funds specifically designed to deliver competitive financial returns while also impacting place and addressing the strategic objectives of its investor base. The NVNG team delivers direct engagement with the venture capital industry, bringing efficiency to your investment in an inefficient market.NVNG Investment Advisors connects strategic capital seeking financial returns from the innovative ventures that fuel growth, via vetted venture capital investment opportunities.


12:00-12:45  Presentation
12:45-1:30  Roundtable Discussions
For the last portion of our program, investors will have the opportunity to discuss issues face-to-face with our panel. We hope that this will be a more meaningful, engaging and dynamic experience for you. The Moderator will continue to moderate this discussion.
1:30  Program ends


Program Chairs
Armaan Saini
Henry Chi


During registration you have the opportunity to provide questions you would like our panelists to answer.

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