VC Taskforce



Advancing thought, leadership in the global venture economy.

VC Taskforce is a Silicon Valley-based organization established in 2001 to create a variety of programs that provide information and insight on current strategic and tactical concerns of the venture capital community and the management of venture-backed companies.

VC Taskforce strives to identify and be responsive to the ongoing and changing needs of the membership and provides the venture capital community and their portfolio companies a forum for real-time information exchange and dialogue through panels, workshops and roundtable meetings conducted by business/industry experts.

VC Taskforce holds informational and networking events throughout the year to benefit its member community.

Visionary thinking, uncensored questions, and opinionated discussions around pressing issues of the day that face our members are the hallmarks of our events. In addition to great content, VC Taskforce programs also offer great networking to more than 50,000 members, partners, and participants benefiting from VC Taskforce.

Program Medium

To provide actionable information for highly experience people
in the trenches, VC Taskforce™ uses interactive:
  • Panel Workshops — several segments of one general topic: each panelist addresses one segment
  • Interviews — Prominent venture capitalists interviewed by prominent people
  • Feature Speaker Presentations — one person addresses one specific segment of a general topic
  • Key Note Speakers — one person addresses a general topic
  • Panel Discussions — several perspectives of one specific or general topic
  • Roundtable Discussions — intimate discussions about one specific segment of a general topic
  • One On One Meetings — one hour free consulting arrangements with our speakers