VC Taskforce

Mentorship by Investors

Investors know what investors are looking for
— especially the key components that make a company attractive for investments. Most entrepreneurs who are looking for funding, know their craft well, but not the full perspective of the investor-decision-maker on the other side of the desk.

Young companies get one or two chances with investors.
You must get it right fast!

We offer you one-on-one interface with an investor to get your business model, financial plans, capital structure, and the whole pitch foundation, your investment stance, and all of your presentations in their best form—to start or revitalize your funding endeavor.

This program is made up of 60% one on one meetings with a designated investor and 40% of meetings with panels of investors.

We are experts! Since 2001 VC Taskforce has been supporting investors and entrepreneurs. We’ve gained much knowledge having given pitch events for over 10 years along with 20+ conferences and 100+ workshops for investors and startups.

We are closely connected to the investment community. We KNOW why companies fail to make a connection with investors and want to make sure you don’t make foreseeable, correctable mistakes that would put an end to your goal of raising capital. We can’t guarantee a capital raise but we can bring you much closer to it; In certain cases, all the way to it.

Materials covered through personalized interaction
with the investor(s):

  • Business Model Review |Financial Model Review |Business Plan Review
  • Revenue Story |Profit story |Valuation Reasoning -What’s in It for The Investor
  • First Dialogue with An Investor |All stages of presentations to the investor

VC Taskforce administers the PIM program as follows:

  • Screening applicants
  • Providing a learning foundation prior to investor engagement
  • Selecting the investors involved
  • Pairing founders with the appropriate investors
  • Driving program progression and completion
Application fee $250. If accepted, deductible from the final payment.
Programs are ongoing.