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Angel Discussions: Best Practices for Early Stage Boards of Directors in Time of Pandemics

Angel Discussions: Best Practices for Early Stage Boards of Directors in Time of Pandemics

Early Stage Boards of Directors in Time of Pandemics, or, Why the Black Plague Still Matters

Date: April 24, 2020 Time: 12:00 - 1:00 Zoom

What are the special responsibilities and recommended best practices for Board of Directors of early stage privately funded companies, when confronting serious crises?

  • What should Boards do differently in times of pandemic?
  • What are the special risks to companies and Boards?
  • How should they deal with the Red Zone? Zombie Investors?
  • Inevitable conflicts of interest between the role of Director and Investor exacerbated by unprecedented severity of the current crisis?


Dr. Ronald Weissman
Software Industry Group
at Band of Angels
Dr. Ronald Weissman is a member of the Band of Angels, Silicon Valley’s oldest angel organization and serves on the Board of Directors of the Angel Capital Association (ACA). He lectures widely on topics related to angel investing and organizational best practices, AI investing trends, and fundraising. He is the author of the ACA Angel University course on early stage Boards of Directors. And he has lectured on early stage corporate governance at Stanford University, Santa Clara University, the Angel Capital Association, and to angel groups around the US. Ron was a former VC, marketing guy at NeXT, and professor of the Italian Renaissance.


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