VC Taskforce

Angel Investing 101

Angel Investing 101

Getting Out There and Getting Started

Date: November 4, 2019 - November 6, 2019 Time: 12:00 Venue: Santa Clara, CA

For those who would like to increase their confidence in investing with the use of rational, systematic investment strategies and tactics

ONLY 20 seats available
Angel Training Advisory Board Panelists and Presenters

are members of the following organizations:

This is the time to improve your investing skill set.
What’s rational investing? What’s not?
How can investing be systematized?
Learn from seasoned angels about what worked and what didn’t work.

Increase your possibility of success!

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November 4
5pm – 8pm
Deal Selection Dinner/Workshop
November 5
9am – 5pm
Panels & Presentations
November 6
8am – 5pm 
Panels, Presentations & Pitch Event
5pm – 6pm Wine Reception
Topics covered:

Angel Capital Association
Pre Investment state of mind
Deal Sourcing
Deal Screening
Due Diligence
Intellectual Property
Barriers to entry
Diligence Memos
Negotiating deals
Tax Structuring
Post seed investment scenarios
After you write the check
Stages of Corporate Growth
Expectations of the CEO
Governance Issues
Helping the startup in addition to money
Managing your investment
Managing the exit
War Stories

Activities to take place:
  • Company selection for a pitch event
  • Deal screening dinner
  • Judging a pitch event
  • Wine Reception
The more than 50 attorneys in our Palo Alto office reflect the innovative and entrepreneurial energy that defines Silicon Valley. Companies seek out our attorneys’ advice on a range of legal issues, from startup formation, funding and exit strategies to intellectual property protection, including both prosecution and litigation, as well as other complex litigation issues.