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Programs for Investors Only

Monthly Series


For CVCs, investors, strategy and corporate development executives. Panels of CVCs discuss topics relevant to Best Practices for CVCs.


For investors and senior entrepreneurs. Meetings with LPs around starting a new VC fund and General topics of interest to Venture Capitalists.


Recent Topics: Forming a New Venture Arm, Should CVC Invest in VC Funds?


Strategies & Tips for Angels

This is a time for fun, learning and improving your investing prowess. What’s rational investing? What’s not? How can investing be systematized?

Learn what works and what doesn’t from seasoned Angels.


Our Spotlight Program & Events approach enable VC Taskforce to support you and/or
your marketing people in the development, promotion, and production of programs
that would be exclusively promoted under your firm’s name or sponsored under the
VC Taskforce banner.

Contact: June Riley <>

VC Taskforce Capital AcceleratorTM

The VC Taskforce Capital AcceleratorTM is a comprehensive three-month program to help entrepreneurs gain critical knowledge and practice to get the right funding for their business.
The Accelerator includes one-on-one mentoring by investors, live and recorded investor presentations, and unlimited access to the VC Taskforce Funding Resource Library. The VC Taskforce Capital AcceleratorTM program is the most comprehensive way for entrepreneurs to fast track their investor funding.

VC Taskforce establishes Venture Community Growth & Strengthening Initiative.
  After 20+ years, we are directly supporting individuals and teams in the venture community. Programs are offered to the venture community to assist individuals in relieving stress, creating better decision-making foundations, and supporting more positive/uplifting attitudes while decreasing the negative impact on health and well-being. This course is also offered for teams to enhance team communication and bonding. Our IMPROVING GREAT MINDSTM program eliminates or dramatically reduces negative thoughts and their associated feelings: For individuals | For Teams

For more information and to register

Contact: June Riley <>

VC Taskforce Global Capital Accelerator
Cost flexible. Continually accepting applications
Spotlight Programs
Have a program that spotlights your organization
Improving Great Minds at Work
Team Building | Team Bonding
Improving Great Minds for Successful Integration
Building a Culture of Collaboration
Venture Community: GOOD THING FRIDAYs
Second Friday of the month 8am PST | Zoom. See below.
Reserve a spot: click here
Gary’s Picks
Twice a month
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