The Gary Fowler | Thuli Hlongwane Interview

The Gary Fowler | Thuli Hlongwane Interview

Date: March 31, 2021 Time: 11:00 - 11:30 Zoom


Thuli Hlongwane
Founder and Managing Director of Prim-U
Thuli is a corporate beast turned entrepreneur with the goal to make a difference after nearly 2 decades working in the retail, financial, and education industries. Thuli is a versatile and highly experienced IT management professional specializing in project management of innovative IT solutions to improve infrastructure, system stability, functionality, and efficiency. Having worked at senior leadership levels for corporate brands such as Woolworths and Pearson SA, Thuli can quickly familiarize herself with the latest technologies and industry developments while demonstrating a logical and analytical approach to solving complex problems and issues. She has a passion for the development of anything data related, especially for assisting entrepreneurs starting and growing their businesses.
Prim-U is a global beauty & wellness technology platform that provides high-quality affordable products and professional services on-demand to local and international markets and consumers.


Services are highly personalized for individuals and conveniently delivered at home, hotel, or corporate environments. Products are supplied by partners direct to service providers and consumers on which insights gained help to constantly innovate and provide the best beauty & wellness.


Gary Fowler
CEO, President, and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios
Award-winning Senior level executive with 30+ years of success in global strategic innovation leadership, sales, marketing, operational and investment management. CEO and Co-Founder of the award-winning growth stage AI venture studio, GSD Venture Studios. Co-Founder of the award-winning AI startup as well as the investment firm, DY Investments. Gary was involved in the management team of ClickSoftware that was recently sold for $1.35 billion dollars to SalesForce. Gary raised several rounds of funding to position as a leading AI employee engagement company. Gary is a recognized expert in entrepreneurship (including entrepreneurial education), lean startup methods, innovation management, and technology development. Consultant to numerous international companies and startups. Extensive experience with fundraising and a successful IPO (CKSW). Executive level positions in top tier companies: ClickSoftware, Mirantis, Siemens, HP, etc. Founder of Fowler International, Tecra,, Findo, GSD Venture Studios, GVA LaunchGurus (Co-Founder), Fowler Development, Broadiant, DY Investments, Zemplee (Co-Founder), and more.  Gary was recently named “One of the 10 Most Inspiring Global AI Executives in 2020”.
For too long self-motivated entrepreneurs have navigated the minefield of challenges to launching a global company with very little support. The last thing you should bet on in this situation is an unproven team that you don’t trust. GSD Venture Studios travels to every corner of the globe inviting resilient teams to establish partnerships that ensure organizations grow the right way, without games or gimmicks. Unlike traditional investors, we take senior operational (often co-founder) roles in these companies, capitalizing on our trusted reputation, experiences and network to drive explosive growth. More info at

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