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CVC Forum: Driving Impact of 5G & Edge

CVC Forum: Driving Impact of 5G & Edge

Join Cole for a deep dive into the 5G CVC Innovation Lab and Fund. Founding partners include Microsoft, Dell, VMWare, NASA, and others.

Date: May 11, 2021 Time: 12:00 - 1:30 Zoom
Topics to be covered along with questions provided during registration:
  • Firm Overview
  • Firm Differentiator: Founding partners
    Include Microsoft, Dell, VMWare, NASA, and others


CVC speaker Cole Brodman

Cole Brodman

Board member at 5G Open Innovation Lab
Former Executive VP at T-Mobile
Formerly of Nortel, T-Mobile (CTO & CMO), Trilogy Ventures, and Founder (XCOM)

Over 30 years in the wireless, telecommunications, and consumer electronics and services industries, with over two decades in senior and C-level roles. While at T-Mobile USA, helped to build the company from the pre-launch phase to full commercial operations, and scaled to $20B in annual revenue with over 35M customers.


Jim Brisimitzis

Founder & GP at 5G Open Innovation Lab
Former Managing Director at Quake Capital

15+ year of progressive experience in designing corporate strategy, developing strategic alliances, and building business partnerships for the fast-paced software industry. Jim has launched and oversaw operations of a new revenue stream of Microsoft Azure Platform, spearheaded sales operations and global business development programs with a budget of $70M enhancing organization’s strategic growth and improve global presence.



12:00 Panel discussion and Q/A
Ask questions of the speaker[s] during registration.
Submit questions to the speaker[s] during the event.
1:30 Program ends

CVC Program Chairs
Elias Reyes

During registration you have the opportunity to provide questions you would like our panelists to answer.

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