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Suzanne Andrews is an angel investor and ecosystem builder working at the intersection of women, capital, and impact.

She co-authored the historic first book for women about angel investing, Impact With Wings, published in May of 2016. Her vision is to unleash women’s financial power to impact the future. Suzanne researches innovations in financing structures and activities that direct capital to open opportunity for all people. She also writes about women’s startup culture, investigating the possibilities for disruption now that there are more women investors available to support under-funded high-impact women entrepreneurs.

Previously, as Director at the Anita Borg Institute, Suzanne supported the TechWomen program, bringing technical women leaders and entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa to the United States for partnerships with Silicon Valley women. She has worked as a midwife’s assistant and a doula, and spent ten years as a software engineer at Apple Computer. She has a BA in Computer Science from Brown University. Suzanne is the mother of Emily, age 20, and Ian, age 13.

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