Kartik Gada

Woodside Capital Partners

Executive Director

San Francisco Bay Area

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Company Website: woodsidecap.com/

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I am an investment banker in the technology sector, with an emphasis on emerging, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, and FinTech. Any startups, venture investors, or acquirers in these areas should contact me.

Selected career highlights :

  • Seven years in Technology M&A, with a focus on acquisitions and venture fundraising for startups in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and 3D Printing.
  • Author of widely read AI and FinTech M&A Reports through Woodside Capital.
  • Author of a highly successful book and e-zine (http://atom.singularity2050.com/), which has received over 2 Million views and was the subject of a Google Talk on 12/2/16, as well as multiple other TV spots.
  • Founder and manager of a hedge fund built around proprietary algorithms devoted to Hedged Volatility Capture within commodities futures, generating 70%/year compounded annual returns for four years.
  • Managed a $250M Product Line P&L at Netgear, achieving operating margin growth from 0% to 15% over four years.
  • Teach two classes at Stanford University : 'Options and Futures' and 'The New Economics of Technological Disruption'.

I have strived to create asymmetrical impacts on the world's greatest challenges, and to this end have created two non-profits, The ATOM, and The Uplift Prize.


Finance Industry : Technology M&A, Portfolio Management, Macroeconomic Investment Cyclicality, Hedge Fund Structure, Venture Capital Fundraising, Options and Futures, ^vix Volatility Futures, Recession Risk Management, Tax Efficiency. Holder of Series 7, 66, 79, 86, and 87 Securities Licenses.

Technology Industry : Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Product Line Management, Product Marketing, Product Roadmaps, Business Development, Financial Forecasting, P&L Optimization, Technology Trends, Semiconductors, Networking, Multimedia, Wireless, Fintech, Technology for Developing Nations.

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